Thank you

biggest thank you goes to our volunteers!
those who made this event a reality..
those who are the generator of the whole event
those who has the passion in doing what they most probably hate the most
those who falls sick and become better in a matter of hours
those who have sleepless night
those who run around like headless chicken
those who get scolded for little things 
those who remembers the time that we shared together

those who we love, cherish and remembered always

until next year....

p/s: wait for the volunteers will be a blast!!

opening....street parade

The street parade was on the 15th Dec...
despite the heavy rain, it went smooth with the live performance from Aizat, launching by the YB Senator Dato' Raja NongChik, and the spectacular parade by the participating bands.

the people went insane and cheering for the bands as they marched through.
together with the special appearances of our own mascot.Do, Re and Mi

One Malaysia, One heart, One Sound and One World. what we believe in. what we are passionate about and what we stand for..the very own homegrown brand.

for the people who missed it, dun worry, we gonna post up our pix real soon

office madness

its near and we all
and exited and anxious and delighted at the same time

wishing that the event will be as we planned (crossing fingers)

as usual the offiice is filled with dedicated volunteers answering phone calls, writing emails, meeting people
laughter, jokes, finalising...everything....

will be movin' to secretariat room in few days and we are in PACKING mode...


Riza's word

Hey peeps!

This is the blog from one of our volunteers this year.
Riza is the field marshall and click here to know what she has to say....

btw to other blogger or not, share your experiences and link it to us
u link us, we link u
u lap us, we lap u


Cicak scene

last night was hillarious
we are among the one who stayed late and while we were concentrating to complete our task, the cicak manage to 'enterprame'.

here's the story...

me n mimie was on our back to the office and as i opened the door i felt sumthin crawling up fast into my pants. i try to shake it off as it feels wierd. in other words 'geli' la. i felt sumthin tingling inside and when i manage to feel sumthin is out, its the tail of the 'cicak'.

ok so i was screamin a bit la..eee...cicak..and amoi (a guy) was running to the back of the office.
hahahahhaa.. ayieq has started to do his eeeewww..face..

so i thought that was it, i go to my seat and starting to wonder how come the tail is there and the cicak oh well..m.i.a...i started to feel my pants again..'where is the cicak went ar?' ainil sat right next to me immediately stand on the chair.

yup i shook my legs again and forcing the cicak not to confuse my leg with some other walls or kayu. thank GOD it went away...

thank you cicak u made my day....


THE TEAM Exposed!!!

We are the massive constructions of volunteers consists of Liaison Officer, Field Marshall, Runner, Logistic Usherer and Security. Each with a designated responsibilities to have fun while doing things that we love most, meeting people! (of course doing our job with full dedication and responsibilities)

Liaison Officer is the one that responsible for the band designated.
from arrival to saying goodbye and sending them off to the airport or bus or train or whatever their transport may be. Basically, a liaison officer will act as communication officer between the management team and the band.

Field Marshall
is the one who is in charge of the venue during the competition. Assisting management, liaison officers and band members with rules and regulations, making sure the flow of competitions is running smoothly. Field Marshall also needs to take care of the venue which involve cleaning the stadium, security of stadium, etc.

Usher will be working with protocols and need to look good all the time. Ushered the VIP during dinner, prize ceremony, etc. great ways to meet hot chicks and cute guys.

Runner will be the men-on-go. fast and furious hero take their hat off to this people. LOL.

Secretariat is the heart of the events. Handle the media, accommodation, F&b, transportation, problem solving- all the technical aspects in event managements.

For this year the application to become apart of THE TEAM is sadly closed. there is always next year and wait for the updates!

T-shirt to Die For!

We've seen it, lovin' it and wishin it was ours
but yeah only selected few lucky people will have the limited Exclusive tee

It is up for sale for RM 60 ONLY

If you wonder why it is not the usual price of any other designed tees available, it is because they wont get the Grand Stand Passes to the Preliminary 1 on 16 Dec and Preliminary 2 on 17 Dec. Both at Stadium KL, Cheras.

You get the best view, plus the tee to die for.

we are selling it on our training day on 5th and 6th Dec 09 at Stadium KL, Cheras and other venues during the Street Parade and Drum-line Battle.